ProsperWorks Brings You 18 New Features

Reposted from the ProsperWorks blog

The ProsperWorks team recently came together to work on a Hackathon. We formed cross-functional teams comprised of Sales, CS, Design, Engineering and Product in order to leverage each individual’s area of expertise. Using feedback from our users as well as passion project ideas from our team, we set off to build new features that would help improve your overall CRM experience.

The result? 18 new features. Could we have focused on building flashy, cool new features? Absolutely. But at the end of the day, we want to focus on the small things that matter most to you – the ones that will make you even happier with your CRM.

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What exactly are these features, you ask? Keep reading and we’ll take you on a tour.

1. Slack integration

We’ve updated our Slack integration so teams can specify which channels (both public and private) they want updates on leads and opportunities to be posted in. Learn how to set it up for your team.

2. Contact names on ProsperWorks tabs

If you have multiple ProsperWorks contact tabs open, the title that appears in your browser (or page title) will say the contact’s name of the record you are viewing. Now navigating through your tabs is nice and easy.

Multiple contact tabs

3. Autosave notes

Any notes taken in ProsperWorks will automatically save, even if you navigate away from the page before you’re finished with your thought, just like it does in Google Docs!

4. “Hotkeys”

You can now navigate through ProsperWorks without even using a mouse, using our brand new keyboard shortcuts. Find the complete list of shortcuts on our Knowledge Base or you can reference them at anytime in-app by clicking ‘Hotkeys’ under the help question mark.

5. Win percentage

When looking at your opportunities in list view, you can choose to add the win percentage (the likelihood you’ll win the deal) as a column, making sure all the information you need is on the same screen.

Task color update

6. Task color updates

The date color will now update when you change an overdue status to a date in the future.

7. Relating suggested contacts

Now you can quickly find suggested contacts to relate to existing opportunities.

Relating suggested contacts

8. Bulk edit notifications

You’ll start receiving notifications when bulk edit jobs are completed.

9. RingCentral dialpad

You can now use both letter keys as well as numbers on your keyboard to navigate phone menus when making a call from the web app.

10. Project list view

We’ve added a new filter under ‘Projects’ which will show you all the projects you are currently working on, giving you a clear view of what needs to be focused on!

Open project filter

11. Opportunity summary (in beta, coming soon!)

When you are in the Company view, you will view all opportunity data for that company (won, lost, etc) in the sidebar.

Opportunity summary

12. Mobile map view (iOS)

When viewing a Record on your iOS device, the address within the Record will show on a map.

Maps View

13. Auto-log phone calls (Android)

Any call you make or receive on your Android device is automatically saved in the activity feed of that contact. Get the full rundown on our Knowledge Base.

14. New navigation bar (in Android beta, coming soon!)

The navigation bar in our Android app is being moved to the bottom of the screen, instead of a drop-down menu on the upper left-hand corner. If you’re interested in joining our Android beta group, click here.

Android Bottom Nav Bar

15. Search by full name (API)

You’re now able to search by full name for Companies, People, Leads and Opportunities through our API. Visit our API Overview for more details!

16. Interaction counter (API)

The interaction count is now included in the response for Companies, People, Leads, Opportunities so you can set up automations based on the number of interactions your users have had with customers.

17. Sales and Leaderboard dashboard dates

Specific dates are shown for Sales and Pipeline reports on your dashboard as you adjust the the time period.

Opportunity summary

18. Exact Leads and Activity dashboard dates

Exact dates are shown on your dashboard under the Leads and Activity tabs for the time period you have selected (ex: This Week, Last Week, etc.).

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