Cyber Security Risk Management

We help to change behaviour and lower human cyber security risk

Our security awareness and data analytics software helps you reduce avoidable security incidents by measuring and improving your people’s security behaviours.


It’s an app that helps people make better security decisions and provides real-time assistance in ever-changing personal and work environments. This is behavioural security.


91% of users no longer exhibit high-risk phishing behaviour after a behaviour intervention.


Meet industry and government compliance mandates. We offer security awareness content, role-specific or persona-based cyber security support, and data-driven human risk reporting to help you meet global information security compliance requirements.

We help to change behaviour and lower human cyber security risk

Don’t just educate — support and assist in real time

With us, you can provide award-winning security awareness training and phishing simulations, but it doesn’t stop there. 


The platform also provides instant, personalised cyber support to users so they can make smarter security decisions—at the moment they need it.


Choose the plan that best suits you

With our software, we secure hundreds of organisations around the world. Start making human cyber risk management simple.


from R175 Incl. VAT
per user / per year
  • Enhance your security posture with a forward-looking security awareness training or phishing solution.


from R330 Incl. VAT
per user / per year
  • For even greater focus on security decisions and behaviour change, with metrics and data to measure risk better.


from R550 Incl. VAT
per user / per year
  • Tailor controls, features and support to suit your organisation’s environment.

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