Google Cloud Platform

Why Google Cloud Platform?

Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, cost-effective and constantly improving. We’ve built our cloud for the long haul.

Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products.

Serverless, Just Code

Grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.



Compute Engine
Run VMs on Google’s infrastructure

App Engine
PaaS for apps and backends

Kubernetes Engine
Run containers on GCP

Cloud Functions BETA
Serverless environment to build and connect cloud services

Big Data

Fully managed large-scale data warehouse

Cloud Dataflow
Real-time batch and stream data processing

Cloud Dataproc
Managed Spark and Hadoop service

Cloud Datalab
Explore, analyze and visualize large datasets

Cloud Dataprep BETA
Explore, clean and prepare data for analysis

Cloud Pub/Sub
Ingest event streams from anywhere, at any scale

Power your science with Google Genomics

Google Data Studio BETA
Tell great data stories to support better business decisions

Identity & Security

Cloud IAM
Fine-grained identity and access management

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy
Use identity to guard access

Cloud Data Loss Prevention API BETA
Discover and redact sensitive data

Security Key Enforcement
Deter phishing with security keys

Cloud Key Management Service
Manage encryption keys on GCP

Cloud Resource Manager
Hierarchically manage resources on GCP

Cloud Security Scanner
Automatically scan your App Engine apps

Cloud Platform Security Overview
Learn about Google’s security model

Internet of Things

Cloud IoT Core BETA
Secure device connection and management

Storage & Databases

Cloud Storage
Object storage with global edge-caching

Cloud SQL
Fully-managed MySQL and PostgreSQL database service

Cloud Bigtable
Fully managed NoSQL database service

Cloud Spanner
Mission-critical, relational database service

Cloud Datastore
NoSQL database for non-relational data

Persistent Disk
Block storage for VM instances

Data Transfer

Google Transfer Appliance
Securely migrate large volumes of data to Google Cloud Platform

Cloud Storage Transfer Service
Quickly import online data into Google Cloud Storage

Google BigQuery Data Transfer Service
Fully managed data import service for Google BigQuery

API Platform and Ecosystems

Apigee API Platform
Develop, secure, deploy, and monitor your APIs everywhere

API Monetization
Flexible, easy-to-use solution to realize value from APIs

API Analytics
Insight into operational and business metrics for APIs

Apigee Sense
Intelligent behavior detection to protect APIs from attacks

Cloud Endpoints
Develop, deploy and manage APIs on GCP

Management Tools

Stackdriver Overview
Powerful management tools for GCP & AWS

Monitoring for applications on GCP & AWS

Logging for applications on GCP & AWS

Error Reporting
Identify and understand application errors

Find performance bottlenecks in production

Investigate code behavior in production

Cloud Deployment Manager
Manage cloud resources with simple templates

Cloud Console
GCP’s integrated management console

Cloud Shell
Command-line management from any browser

Cloud Mobile App
Manage GCP services from your mobile device

Cloud Billing API
Programmatically manage GCP billing

Cloud APIs
Programmatic interfaces for all GCP services


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
VPC networking for GCP resources

Cloud Load Balancing
High performance, scalable load balancing

Cloud CDN
Content delivery on Google’s global network

Cloud Interconnect
Connect directly to GCP’s network edge

Cloud DNS
Reliable, resilient, low-latency DNS serving

Network Service Tiers ALPHA
Optimize your network for performance or cost

Machine Learning

Cloud Machine Learning Engine
Machine Learning on any data, of any size

Cloud Job Discovery PRIVATE BETA
Power your job site with machine learning

Dialogflow Enterprise Edition
Create conversational experiences across devices and platforms

Cloud Natural Language API
Derive insights from unstructured text

Cloud Speech API
Speech to text conversion powered by ML

Cloud Translation API
Dynamically translate most language pairs

Cloud Vision API
Derive insight from images powered by ML

Cloud Video Intelligence API BETA
Extract metadata from videos

Developer Tools

Cloud SDK
CLI for GCP products and services

Container Registry
Fast, private image storage

Container Builder
Fast, consistent, reliable builds

Cloud Source Repositories
Private Git repositories hosted on GCP

Cloud Tools for IntelliJ
Debug production cloud apps inside IntelliJ

Cloud Tools for Powershell
Full cloud control from Windows PowerShell

Cloud Tools for Visual Studio
Deploy Visual Studio applications to GCP

Cloud Tools for Eclipse
Deploy Eclipse projects to GCP

Gradle App Engine Plugin
Use Gradle for your App Engine projects

Maven App Engine Plugin
Use Maven for your App Engine projects

Cloud Test Lab
On-demand app testing in a cloud service