iShield for Homes

Is your at-home workforce secure and productive?

As companies realise that work-from-home environments will be around for the foreseeable future, they need to ensure that their employees can securely and productively perform their duties from home.

iShield Home is a next-generation firewall that does deep-packet inspection including application level inspection and intrusion prevention/detection by utilising intelligence from outside of the firewall. The firewall is also referred to as a smart access Unified Threat Management (UTM) device that is located at your staff’s home, giving you the ability to remotely control your entire network via the Cloud.

Bandwidth is now a major resource for employees working from home. Companies face the challenge of determining whether employees are using the internet for personal interactions. The iShield is ideally placed to guard against your employees draining bandwidth for personal reasons while they should be working.

iShield Home is the ideal solution for simple and comprehensive internet management:

  • Network Protection

    Redundancy, VPN, Reporting All in one Unified Threat Management Tool

  • Affordability

    Local currency pricing makes Cloud Group’s solution significantly more cost effective than international solutions

  • Increase Employee Productivity

    Block or restrict users from unproductive time online

  • Reduce Internet Costs

    Daily, weekly or monthly usage limits ensure your network is never compromised by excessive bandwidth consumption

  • HTTPS Interception

    iShield Home is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported

  • Google Security

    Hosted on Google’s secure Cloud Platform, ensuring best-in-class protection with anytime, anywhere availability of company data