iShield NG5

iShield is a smart access Unified Threat Management device located at your premises, allowing you to remotely control your entire network from one centralised location.

New! iShield Enterprise

iShield NG5 now caters for enterprises that require additional processing capacity.


  • iShield NG5 is built to detect the usually unmonitored HTTPS protocol ensuring all traffic is reported.
  • iShield NG5 has its own private Certificate Authority which must be trusted by clients to prevent
  • warnings to users while maintaining a high level of security.
  • HTTPS exclusion list for specific transactions.
  • NEW! HTTPS “Peek” mode.

2. VPNs – Remote Users and Offices

  • Certificate-based VPN connectivity.
  • Site-to- site and user-to- site connectivity supported
  • NEW! VLAN Support

3. Phishing Attack Prevention

  • Users cannot bypass suspected malware or phishing websites’ browser warnings.

4. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)

  • Per Protocol identification of all internet traffic.

5. Firewall Security

  • Built-in firewall proxy scans all web traffic for potential phishing sites.
  • In-line Unified Management Threat device.
  • Additional perimeter protection.

6. Cloud-Stored Usage Reports

  • All usage statistics are stored in the cloud to prevent any possible data loss.
  • Usage statistics are retained on local storage in the event of Internet connectivity loss.
  • All Summary Header Records are retained.

7. Multi-Link Capability (Auto Failovers)

  • Manage multiple Internet connections
  • Failover provides peace of mind should your Internet connection fail.

8. Website / Blacklist Filtering

  • Use predefined or custom website black lists to prevent users from accessing unauthorised
  • NEW! DNS-based blocking.

9. Developed and Supported in South Africa

  • Attractive Rand-based pricing.
  • Input into product roadmap.